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Who are the top most referrer to ACMSolver.org site?

Many website give links to this site (www.acmsolver.org). I was wondering if there I add a site referrer information

Referrer Views
facebook.com 702
online-judge.uva.es/problemset 522
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACM_International_Collegiate_Programming_Contest 380
acm.uva.es/problemset 375
algorithmist.com/index.php/UVa 374
google.com 341
google.co.in 251
acm.timus.ru/help.aspx?topic=links 170
twitter.com 141
coj.uci.cu/OnlineJudge/documentation.xhtml 126
csie.ntnu.edu.tw/~u91029/web.html 103
online-judge.uva.es/p 101
labod.ir/algorithms/post.aspx?no=19 97
twitter.com/acmsolver 93
iitk.ac.in/esc101/current/references.html 80
acm.uva.es/p 72
google.com.bo 54
groups.yahoo.com/group/citycollegecontest/links 50
comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha/programming/acmoj.html 46
google.com.pe 46
google.com.pk 46
daksh.sastra.edu/events.php 46
google.com.eg 42
mail.live.com 38
acm.nctu.edu.tw/node/5 37
csie.ntnu.edu.tw/~u91029/oj.html 36
sftw.umac.mo/~fstqx/alg.html 34
google.com.br 33
ida.liu.se/~frehe/impa 32
feedly.com/home 31
google.com.vn 30
algorithmist.com/index.php/UVa_Problemset 28
search.conduit.com/ResultsExt.aspx?ctid=CT2849812&SearchSource=3&q=The+Collatz+Sequence+ACM++judge+ 27
search.conduit.com/ResultsExt.aspx?ctid=CT2849812&SearchSource=3&q=ACM++judge+The+Collatz+Sequence 27
acmsolver.wordpress.com 26
newcastle-au.academia.edu/AhmedShamsulArefin 26
pageflakes.com/default.aspx?u=26463499 25
2 May 2011 1 Comment

Google Site Link for “ACMSolver.org”

Today, ACMSolver.org has got the long expected sitelink from google. Hope it will help new programmers find the categories easily.

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Stay away Hackers ..

Recently, we solved the “Pharma Hack” (unnecessarily added hidden advertisement of pharmaceuticals like: cialis, viagra etc.¬† in each page to cloak the SEO) problem on ACMSolver! Just a strong note to all hackers…



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ACMSolver.org SEO and ACM ICPC

ACMsolver on Yahoo.com? (for search keyword: acm icpc)

ACMSolver on Yahoo!

What about  Google.com?

ACMSolver on google?

These are the results of a few SEO techniques that I applied on this site. Happy Programming!

24 August 2010 2 Comments


Hi! we have gone through massive updates in the site (WP 3.0, SEO, Share etc.). Even more, a Bangla version of this site has been added as well. Another good new is that Josh Bao(Google) is going to be in an interview with us!

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ACMSolver! increase in no. of visitors.

Good to know that recently,there’s a great increase in no. of visitors to ACMSolver.org


Besides I got an amount of revenue from google.com/adsense. EFT to Bank a/c.


This is good for the site. More and more visitors and revenue will make this site much more effective. Thanks well wishers of ACMSolver!

Here goes three(3) tips:

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  2. Secret #2 – Expose your website with other websites. Serve as a guest writer or contributor writer of other websites which will allow you to advertise your own website for each article that you post on their website. This will allow you to tap into the web traffic that other websites maintain. This is in fact one of the easiest way to begin generating new and effective web traffic.
  3. Secret #3 – Don’t submit the exact same articles to article directories. You want to promote originality. Instead, take a single original article and rewrite it or spin it in order to create numerous articles that contain the same information but are written in a different style. This will show your commitment to originality.

These three article marketing secrets will assist you in generating and maintaining new web traffic.