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ACM-ICPC 2011: From Egypt to Orlando!

ACM-ICPC 2011: From Egypt to Orlando!

I was wondering how the ACM-ICPC will be held in Egypt in the current scenario. Anyway, not to worry, The 2011 ACM-ICPC World Finals sponsored by IBM has been rescheduled in Peabody Orlando Hotel, Orlando, Florida
May 27-31, 2011.

According to Bill Poucher:

“Originally, we planned to have the World Finals in Egypt in 2014 or 2015. We have switched back to that plan due to recent events. While we could have had the World Finals in Sharm El Sheikh last week, transportation through Cairo has been difficult. Now with Consular Travel Advisories, it is not an option.

We hope… to reschedule so that you could all experience Egyptian hospitality at its finest. In the meantime, let’s wish our friends a safe path to a better future….”

The tentative schedule is as follows ( at http://www.peabodyorlando.com/):

  • May 27 – Welcome
  • May 28 – Tech Trek, Excursion to Sea World
  • May 29 – Opening / Rehearsal,
  • May 30 – World Finals, Awards Dinner, Harry Potter Island Celebration
  • May 31 – Teams Depart
  • May 31 – RCD Symposium
  • June 1 – RCDs depart

Best wishes to all qualified WF, ACMer’s- from ACMSolver.org (Ahmed Shamsul Arefin)