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The 2011 World Finals Ranklist – ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

The 2011  World Finals Ranklist – ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. See live cast:



photo by Bettina Johnson

John Bonomo, ICPC World Finals chief judge, has been part of the judging team since the 2002 Honolulu competition. “Our main purpose is to handle any slight problems with the test data, look at problems that contestant teams continually get wrong, and for clarification,” he said. Bonomo explained how the judging process has become increasingly automated with the advancement of technology. “We used to look through code and run testing,” he said. “Now the satisfaction comes from crafting challenging sets of problems.”

According to ICPC director of judges Jo Perry, there is one judge per problem in the World Finals. The chief judge and director of judges are used as extra hands during the finals and are also responsible for putting the problem sets together for the competition. Perry became involved with the judging side of the competition after being asked by a colleague at North Carolina State University to submit problems to a then infant ICPC competition.

Some of the judging staff became involved with judging simply for their love of the ICPC. Originally born in Sweden and now living in Canada, Per Austrin became involved with the competition as a contestant for his Swedish university. He joined the judging team when he could no longer compete due to age and has been a regular World Finals judge since 2008. “I enjoy the contest,” he said. “The construction of problems is almost like the other side of solving them.”

Former Google programmer Derek Kisman got his start with the World Finals as a contestant for The University of Waterloo during the Prague competition. He said, “I love the ICPC and being behind the scenes now as a judge.” Kisman enjoys coming up with problems that spawn interesting discussions and plans to continue judging for the ICPC as long as possible.

While many on the judging team have always known the international programming competition under the familiar ICPC name, Stan Wileman remembers the forerunner to the official contest we know today. While attending the University of Houston as a graduate student, Wileman and his early team of programmers learned of a contest at Texas A&M. “We overslept the day of the completion and arrived at the tail-end,” Wileman said. “We were late but still managed to win the damn thing and split the $100 grand prize!”

Today, Wileman has earned two hats with the ICPC as a World Finals judge and the regional director of North Central North American region. Bettina Johnson, ICPC Digital

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