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ACM-ICPC Prominent Problemsetters and Sites

Here we mention about some problem setters of ACM and their problems (click below):

Shahriar Manzoor Find Shahriar in wikipedia
Gordon V. Cormack
Derek Kisman
K. Monirul Hasan
Md. Kamruzzaman (KZaman)
Piotr Rudnicki
Rujia Liu
Sohel Hafiz
Igor Naverniouk (Abednego)
Rezaul Alam Chowdhury
Abdullah-al-Mahmud (Satej)
Jimmy Mårdell
Md. Arifuzzaman Arif
Manzurur Rahman Khan (Sidky)
Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman
Ondřej Lhoták
Joachim Wulff (Little Joey)
Mak Yan Kei
Mohammad Sajjad Hossain
Jane Alam Jan
Per Austrin
Shamim Hafiz
Anupam Bhattacharjee

Source: http://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php?option=com_onlinejudge&Itemid=8&category=43&limit=50&limitstart=0

ACM-ICPC websites (From Wikipedia)

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Independent Paragraphs (II) by Shahriar Manzoor

Independent Paragraphs (II) by Shahriar Manzoor

The content of the article that I am about to write is triggered by (a) my semi recent visit to USA to attend and Judge in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest 2006, World Finals (b) an email from a former contestant of Bangladesh (now studying in Stony Brook University, USA) and (c) something more. The title of this article is Independent Paragraphs (II) because in 2004 I wrote an article titled “Independent Paragraphs”. Like that previous article, the different parts of this article may or may not be related to one another.

My visit to US:

Like Mr. T of the popular movie of the 80’s “The A Team” I am very afraid of flying. So when I came to realize that I have to go to USA, I was afraid thinking how I would fly such a long distance safely? I like probability and statistics so I browsed the internet to find out which air lines is statistically the safest and found out that it was the costliest British Airways. I also searched the internet and learnt the difference between Boeing and Airbus engines and after a lot of study became convinced that Boeing is slightly safer than Airbus in turbulent weather condition. The fact that concerned me is that a Boeing has only two engines and but an Airbus has four Engines which gives the Airbus a plus point in my book. I remembered the math I taught my students in the course “Probability and Queuing Theory”… “A engine has independent probability 1-p of failing during a flight. For what value of p is a four engine plane better than a two engine plane…”. I studied about air speed, ground speed, air sickness, parachute diving etc too. But in the end I went for Boeing (It wouldn’t be great to go down in turbulent weather) and also I went for British Airways (Statistically Safest). Although for making this choice I had to fly 2000 miles more.