22 August 2010

Into the world of computers-some books

  • Introductory Computer Science: Bits of Theory and Bytes of Practice.
    A. K. Dewdney.
    Computer Science Press, 1996. [See this book at Amazon.com]
  • Programming Challenges: The Programming Contest Training Manual.
    Steven Skiena and Miguel Revilla.
    Springer-Verlag, 2003. [See this book at Amazon.com]

  • Problems in Programming: Experience through Practice.
    Andrej Vitek, Iztok Tvrdy, Robert Reinhardt, Bojan Mohar, Marc Martinec, Tomi Dolenc and Vladimir Batagelj.
    John Wiley & Sons, 1991.

    The preface of this book explains that ”[these] competitions culminated in the International Computer Science Olympiad, held for the first time in Nova Gorica, Slovenia in 1988, (and since in Münster, Germany, and Varna, Bulgaria).” (Andrej Brodnik provides more details.)

This book explains fundamental algorithm design techniques, illustrated by practical examples (including some enlightening War Stories), and it provides a catalog of algorithmic problems together with efficient solutions. There are numerous challenging exercises that make good preparation material for programming contests. The book includes a CD-ROM with a complete hypertext version of the book (great for following the many cross references), implementations (such as the entire Stony Brook Algorithm Repository), and 30 hours of audio lectures on algorithms.

A concise, to-the-point book that addresses IOI-like programming issues in a way hardly found elsewhere:

    The Practice of Programming. —– —– NEW RECOMMENDATION
    Brian W. Kernighan, Rob Pike.
    Addison-Wesley, 1999.
    [See this book at Amazon.com]

Some more specialized, but easily accessible, programming books are:

Collected from : http://olympiads.win.tue.nl/ioi/study/books.html


You may have missed:

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