4 June 2011

Steven Halim’s book: Slides Download

Sample codes for the data structures and algorithms mentioned in the book:
NEW (but not yet stable): C++ and Java codes.zip (latest update 24 January 2011)

PDF slides for coaches/instructors/lecturers/students who wants to do self-study:

Material (public version)
sample_chapter_1.pdf ; skillset.xls ; and paper on CS32333
week02_ds_libraries.pdf ; and Fenwick Tree paper
(Union Find and Segment Tree are skipped)
week03_paradigms.pdf; A* search, and IDA* search
week04_dp_1.pdf; DP 0-1 Knapsack; and DP TSP
week05_graph_1.pdf (MST is skipped)
week06_graph_2.pdf (Euler graph is skipped)
week08_dp_2.pdf (some interesting examples are skipped)
week09_graph_3.pdf (max flow/bipartite graph variants are skipped)
week10_maths.pdf (there are so many topics…, many are skipped)
week11_string.pdf (DP on string has been discussed earlier)
week12_geometry.pdf (plane sweep; intersection problems skipped)

You may have missed:

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